MRD Engineering

Ensuring safety, efficiency and reliability of mechanical systems


MRD Engineering is led by Bryan McNatt, P.E. who founded the company in 2001. Mr. McNatt holds an advanced degree in Mechanical Engineering and has over 25 years experience across a variety of industries and technical challenges. Mr. McNatt’s CV can be found here


MRD Engineering began in 2001 in response to a slowing US economy and looming market recession. We believed contract engineering services enable manufacturers to continue their innovation and growth while operating lean and flexible technical workforces. We were first established as Moving in the Right Direction, a sole proprietorship, and later incorporated as MRD Engineering, LLC in Texas.

We’ve grown modestly since our founding under deliberate, conservative management that parallels our engineering ideologies. The result is a business that has withstood a number of economic dips and paradigm shifts. Today, we remain nimble and lightweight which translates into value and expediency for our clients.


Looking ahead, MRD will continue to pursue excellence in engineering services while expanding and deepening our reach into challenging industries, particularly aerospace & defense and advanced materials & processes. We will continue to upgrade our technical resources, both in terms of personnel and in terms of engineering systems. We are excited by technologies that enhance and democratize analysis yet we are careful to implement new advances in ways that preserve rigor and accuracy.


MRD Engineering, LLC, 2121 W. Spring Creek Pkwy., Ste. 236, Plano, Texas, USA 75023 Phone: 469.231.1143